Stanley Saves the Day

October 31, 2006

Today we read chapter 4.  Here is how Seth S., Daniel, Adrienne, Connor and Seth B. summarized the main ideas of chapter 4.

The next day Mr. Dart was gloomy because a painting was stolen from the museum. The sneak thieves were Max and Luther and they were good thieves too.  Stanley had an idea by dressing like a shepherdess and climbing into a picture frame to catch the thieves.  The thieves got into a museum and tried to steal the expensive painting and Stanley yelled from the picture.  The thieves got caught by Stanley.


Flat Stanley Becomes a Kite

October 28, 2006

Abbey and Michael write their thoughts on chapter 3:

Stanley and Arthur were at the park and Arthur wanted to fly a kite. Stanley found some string and tied it to himself. Stanley became a human kite. (Abbey)
When Arthur was eating a hotdog, Stanley got tanlgled in a tree. Mrs. Lambchop told Stanley to be nicer because Arthur was jealous. (Michael)

kites.jpgAfter reading this chapter, we made kites in class. The kites gave a summary of chapter 3.

We also received large pieces of paper. Now we can make Flat People and send these Flat People to different states just like Stanley got put in an envelope and was mailed to California.

Flat Stanley’s Adventures from chapter 2 by Sophia

October 26, 2006

Notes from a third grader about chapter 2:

In chapter two Mrs.Lambchop dropped her ring in the grating and Stanley slid through the grating and got her ring. Stanley was invited to California but his parents couldn’t afford it, so they airmailed him to California in an envelope.

Flat Stanley Arrives

October 25, 2006

img_0003.jpgThe third graders cheered! Why? I got the Flat Stanley books out and said today we start to read! Wow, what enthusiasm.

img_0002.jpgWe read chapter one and found out how Stanley got flat. Hear how one student summarized the first chapter:

img_0001.jpgBreakfast was ready and Arthur called his mom and dad. When they came, they found Stanley was flat because an enormous bulletin board fell on him. by Mitchell

Stay tuned. What happens to Stanley?

Flat Stanley Project Starts Tomorrow

October 22, 2006

gladys1.JPGMonday, October 23 we will start reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. Every day I will try to blog about our adventures with Flat Stanley. Some days I will be posting what the children are writing about because not only are we reading Flat Stanley but we will be writing, drawing and doing lots more activities that involve Stanley
Lambchop. Stay tuned!