More Flat Third Graders Arrive!

January 27, 2007

Flat Tyler and Flat Mitchell had a good time in Florida. They were enjoying the sunny weather so much that they wanted to stay!

Flat Tyler went to the Everglades and the beach. He saw snakes and alligators, very cool!

Flat Mitchell went lots of places with Grandma and Grandpa, but he really enjoyed going to an art museum where they got to finger paint.

Here is Tyler with his new Florida t-shirt.


Flat Baylee came back from Ohio. She had fun visiting a friend who used to live in Michigan. While in Ohio with her friend, she visited the place where Quaker Oatmeal first started out and where the Good Year Blimps are made.


Flat Michael F. came back from Atlanta, Georgia. He also went many interesting places. He visited CNN T.V. station, saw where Martin Luther King Jr. went to church when he was a boy, went to see where Hank Aaron played baseball with the Atlanta Braves and saw where Coke Cola started He came back with a whole scrapbook of pictures. Here are just a few.



Michael R. came back also.  He went to South Bend, Indiana to visit relatives.  Of course while in South  Bend he went to see Notre Dame University! adminnd-p4.jpg


Flat Emmanuel and Flat Rebekah Arrive

January 19, 2007

Flat Emmanuel traveled to Washington D.C. and was a tourist that learned lots and went many different places in our nation’s capital. He went to the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court with Mrs. Thorp’s son, Justin.


He brought back with him a cool pencil, a bookmark with all the presidents on it and a model of Air Force One. We learned that Air Force One is President Bush’s personal airplane that he uses.


Flat Rebekah went to Colorado to visit her aunt and uncle. While in Colorado she was very busy seeing and doing lots of fun things.

Flat Rebekah went to a Denver Bronco game, visited Buffalo Bill’s grave, went to Disney on Ice and went to the top of a mountain to see the Continental Divide.


She was very proud to wear her badge that she got as a souvenir from the Buffalo Bill souvenir store.


Flat Seth and Flat Nicholas Make it Back to Michigan

January 15, 2007

We were very happy to see Flat Seth come back. He went all the way to Nevada to visit some friends of their family. While in Nevada he went to Lake Mead and saw the Hoover Dam.lake-mead-400h-2.jpg

Flat Nicholas went to North Carolina.  He saw and did lots of things, but came back with a postcard of some lighthouses that he saw along the Atlantic Coast.


Flat Trevor and Flat Duncan Return

January 11, 2007

Flat Trevor came back with lots of stories to tell. He not only went to North Carolina to visit an aunt and uncle, but they took him to Chicago, Florida and Germany!! He came back with a cool North Carolina hat.


Flat Trevor with his aunt on the plane coming home form Germany.

Flat Duncan went to Tennessee to visit his grandparents. He went to lots of places in Tennessee like the Great Smokey Mountains, Graceland (Elvis’ Home), and Opry Land.


Flat Duncan also brought a map of Tennessee back with him. It will be fun to look at when we study the SE Region.duncan-map.jpg

Flat Abbey and Flat Adrienne Return

January 5, 2007


Flat Abbey came back from Arizona after spending some quality time with her aunt and uncle and taking a side trip to California. She came back with a wild skirt because she had a wild time while in Arizona and a neat book book about the west.

She also saw cotton growing the fields and brought some back for us to see.


Flat Adrienne came back from Kentucky. While in Kentucky she saw lots of horses (her favorite).


She also visited Fort Knox and saw the place where the United States stores its gold.